Next Generation

Mobile Broadband

Launching 2015

With our LTE-Advanced Network, you will experience broadband speeds on the go, growing coverage areas, and HD-streaming capable connections. We believe that you should have the ability to communicate with anyone, in any place, at any time. Set yourself free from  expensive plans and limited talk and text options. With Mas! Movil your connections and time are limitless.


“Unlimited Calls with our mVoIP application M2. Make more Calls over WIFI.


Unlimited Chat with our mVoIP application M2.


Surf more, Stream more Video and Listen to more music with our new towers Unlimited Options – STAYS THE SAME.

Unlimited Options

Liberate yourself from old, outdated plans with Mas!

Get Mas! for Less

We have affordable smartphones, tablets, wearables.


In today’s fast paced society we understand the importance of Internet on the go. What good is Internet without a device that allows you to do the things you want, when you want? That is why we aim to provide the best smart devices within every person budget. Check out all our Devices in our Mas! Movil shop. Visit your local Mas! Retailer, in the North Coast Dominican Republic!

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With over 20 Hot Spots
“From Puerto Plata to Caberete, Mas! Movils allows you to stay connected where ever you go!”


Internet Users

4.5M Users; 98th in the world by % (2012).


Fixed Broadband

446,420 subscriptions; 108th in the world by %(2012).


Wireless Broadband

1.6 million subscriptions; 80th in the world by % (2012).


With Mas!

With Mas! Movil added to the mix, who knows how high penetration rates can soar?!